Carl Sagan and I Each Consider the Nature of the Universe

"We have the Life Force burning within us. We extend the natural process through thought and artistic expression. Let us each speak to issues we find significant. We grow and explore at the tip of Life's evolution, and we bear responsibility for notifying others of what we have considered."
Gary John Gresl, from "Synthesis; Mind, Culture, Art, Gaia", written 1989, published in Art In Wisconsin

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Installation View, Kohler Ceramics and
Photographs, Carroll University

View, Marian Gallery installation,
Mount Mary College

Installation at University of Wisconsin
Memorial Union, 2005.

Gary installing work in the Institute of Visual Arts, UW Milwaukee, '08.

Veneer and Substructure, Room Installation Charles Allis Art Museum

Part of Installation, Bradley Gallery, Lakeland College, 2007.

Part of installation at the Rahr-West
Museum, 2004.

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